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Asteria Events specializes in creating weekend and week-long retreats and training intensives for men and women who are looking to enhance and deepen their spiritual and magical practices.

The following events are being planned for  late 2020 and throughout 2021 in the Midwest and online; however, they have all been designed to travel. If you are interested in having one of these weekend-long retreats in your area, please contact Laurelei to discuss arrangements.

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Priestess Retreats

At the 2014 Women's Goddess Retreat, the concept for the Goddess Priestess Retreat was born and began to take shape. In the years since the first Women's Goddess Retreat in 2009, Laurelei has been honored and awed to see a number of women called into the service of several Goddesses. After recognizing and accepting the role of service to a Goddess, though, most new priestesses have the same response. "What comes next? What skills do I need to know? How can I best serve my Goddess?" Asteria's Priestess Retreats are an opportunity for new and experienced priestesses of many Goddesses to come together to share knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration in a supportive, women-centric environment.

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Virtual Women's Goddess Retreat

In August of 2020, a small but dedicated group of attendees from our annual Women's Goddess Retreat put together a virtual event -- proving to ourselves and each other that meaningful, authentic retreat time was possible in an online environment. Asteria Books is looking forward to offering this online retreat opportunity to other women around the US and the world.  We are hoping to host our next online retreat before the close of 2020.

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Asteria Books Writers' Retreat

The Pagan Writing Retreat is an any-season getaway that allows writers of esoteric, metaphysical, occult, witchcraft, and heathen material the opportunity to connect deeply with nature, with other writers, and with the many sources of their inspiration. Our small group atmosphere allows ample opportunity for individual coaching, group feedback, and solitary exploration. Participate in workshops that deal with art of writing, the craft of editing, and the business of publishing.

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