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Submissions Guidelines

We are interested in publishing books with distinct voices and unique perspectives and will consider proposals on any thought-provoking topics related to spirituality, philosophy, and the occult. Please follow our guidelines carefully when submitting your work for our consideration.

Please be aware that it may take up to several weeks for us to properly review and consider your submission package. However, as we try to read and respond to submissions promptly, please do not write to follow-up with us during this initial query. We will notify you of our interest in a response e-mail as soon as we are able.


All submissions should be:

  • sent to 
  • typed in 12pt, legible font (such as Times New Roman, Garamond, etc) 
  • formatted with double line spacing


We request the following pieces to be included in a non-fiction proposal:

  • Concept Statement (What is your vision for this book? What purpose does it serve? Why is it needed at this time?)
  • Author Bio (What qualifications do you have for writing this book?)
  • Marketing Plan (What are you prepared to do to ensure the success of this book? What are your ideas for getting this work into the hands of your readers?)
  • Chapter Summaries (What is the organization of this book? What are your main points?)
  • Sample Chapter, if available – Send a complete chapter so we can get a feel for your writing.



We request the following pieces be sent for all fiction queries (children to adult):

  • Synopsis (1-page)
  • First 3 Chapters (for all novels)
  • OR Completed Manuscript (for short stories and picture books only)
  • Sample Art (for picture books, if available)



Send completed poems or poetry collections for consideration.

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