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Poetry In the Search of 42

Poetry: In the Search of 42

by Fern Renee

One woman's transformative and soul-searching poetic debut explores the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in this collection of verses. Join Fern Renee as she plumbs the depths and reaches ecstatic highs, peering fearlessly into dark corners of human experience, and reveling in the sunny spots. Myth and mundania are beautifully interwoven by this word-smith in her first, heart-felt offering to the public.
To Call Ye Forth

Witches' Rune Series, Book 1: To Call Ye Forth

by Delilah Temple

Summoning a long-dead Witch King to be a real-world lover and protector was easy for Rose and her covenmates. Overcoming a murderous dark coven while dodging a fanatical minister and his rabid congregation may present more of a challenge. 

Temple of Love

Temple of Love

by Laurelei Black

Sappho, the lyric poet whose life and lovers give us our current understanding of the word "Lesbian," was hailed as the Tenth Muse on her island home of Lesvos and all throughout Classical Greece. Her poems of passion and longing were directed at the men ... and women ... whom she adored and sometimes envied. In this historical fiction offering by Laurelei Black, see the life of Sappho through the lens of Aphrodite's priestesshood.

Aphrodite's Priestess

Aphrodite’s Priestess

by Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black, a contemporary priestess of Aphrodite, found a desperate lack of resources available to the women and men who are called to work with any of the Goddesses of Love from the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern precincts. Writing from her own experience and training, she makes this first guidepost available to those who would walk the Path of Love.

Cult of Aphrodite

Cult of Aphrodite: Festivals and Rites of the Golden One

by Laurelei Black

This liturgical compilation is the first of its kind -- offering a wealth of well-researched rituals and religious festivals in honor of a single Hellenic deity. Drawing on resources that span the ancient world, Black and the Cult of Aphrodite Asteria present immediately usable tools for worshiping the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Witches Key to the Legion

The Witches' Key to the Legion

by Laurelei Black

This book is the first to address Witches in regard to the Legion, and it is unique in its admonition of the spirit torture that has been the hallmark of previous editions. On these pages, you will not find tedious conjurations designed to threaten and bully spirits into cooperation. Instead, you will find a reasonable, direct approach to working with the 72 spirits of the Legion.

Liber Qayin

Liber Qayin

by Laurelei & Natalie Black

This prophetic work is channeled from the Witch Father, Tubal-Qayin, and the Witch Mother, who is both Lilith and Ishtar. Hear now the Gospel of Qayin, the wisdom he brings to all Witches in this New Aeon.

Book of Shadows

Asteria's Book of Shadows

These BOS pages are like no others that are available anywhere -- on or offline. These leaves from the Book of Shadows are pulled almost entirely  from the American Folkloric Witchcraft Tradition and are published exclusively by Asteria Books.

Asteria OWLS

Occult & Witchcraft Learning Series (OWLS)

by Laurelei Black

Asteria Books is proud to offer what will be an extensive digital and print library of curriculum guides for students of the Craft and occult airts. We understand that novice practitioners are yearning for material in comprehensible portions over a potentially wide range of topics, which is precisely what we provide. As an OWLS reader, you can choose from lesson titles in any course to create a comprehensive Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Furthermore, each OWL book comes with its own 10-question quiz and answer-key, allowing you to check your knowledge when you finish. OWLS are a great way to build a reference library, begin (or end) a Book of Shadows, or plan a Craft 101 class for your coven.

The Mayhem

The Mayhem: Roan's Story

by Meggie Tolkland

Roan's Story is a dark and delicious urban fantasy. Devilish passion, power struggles, and romance that sweeps through the multi-verse find their epicenter in Chicago as a Midwestern college professor finds herself bound to the Mayhem demon, Roan.

Crown of Violets

Crown of Violets

by The Temple of Aphrodite Asteria, edited by Laurelei Black

Crown of Violets, the devotional chapbook compiled by Temple of Aphrodite Asteria, is now available for purchase. For just $7, you can order your own hard copy of this collection of poetry, photography and art. Not a bad deal to have so many poems, hymns, images and the like readily on hand.

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