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Our Vision


Asteria Books is a publishing house envisioned and manifested by Laurelei Black for the purpose of printing and distributing high-quality books on esoteric, spiritual, and magickal topics that might have had difficulty finding a home with other publishers due either to the seemingly limited appeal of the topic or to the newness of the author. Asteria prides itself on bringing fresh voices with cutting-edge ideas into the public’s view.

Event Coordination

Asteria Events represents Laurelei's life-long love of event coordination, melded with an earnest desire to bring the wisdom of Asteria authors to retreat and small event settings. Several retreats and weekend intensives are planned for 2016, including the College of Priestesses Retreat, an Aphrodisian Weekend Intensive, and a Pagan Writing Retreat.


Publishing Questions

Q.): What kinds of books are you looking to publish?

A.): We generally publish books in these categories:

Non-Fiction ~ Dragons, Hellenic Polytheism, Khemeticism, Magick, Magickal Parenting, Mythical Creatures, Otherkin, Practical Crafting, Roman Polytheism, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality, Stregheria, Teen Magickal Training, Thelema, Totemism, Voudon, Wicca, Witchcraft, etc.

Fiction ~ Adventure, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical, Magical Realism, Short Story Collections

Children’s Books ~ Picture, mid-grade and YA books with a magickal, occult, or Pagan view

Poetry ~ Collection

Q.): What are your submission guidelines?

A.): We are interested in publishing books with distinct voices and unique perspectives and will consider proposals on any thought-provoking topics related to spirituality, philosophy, and the occult. Please follow our guidelines carefully when submitting your work for our consideration.

Please be aware that it may take up to several weeks for us to properly review and consider your submission package. However, as we try to read and respond to submissions promptly, please do not write to follow-up with us during this initial query. We will notify you of our interest in a response e-mail as soon as we are able.

Event Questions

Coming soon. (Ask some questions, and we'll be able to figure out which ones are "frequently asked.")
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